Italian Tech Days 2021

Italian Pavilion for Footwear and Leather Processing Machines

For cutting-edge fleshing, the continuous fleshing machine Mod. SP, produced in the lengths 3100 and 3400, allows you to excellently flesh out pelts, hair with and without hump.
A new enhanced hydraulic unit, and an electronic control of transport speeds.
Continuous fleshing allows to reach very high productivity. With the fleshing technology developed by CM Persico during its 50 years of experience in the tanning sector, the fleshing quality is at the highest achievable levels.
The leather is introduced from the head part into the upper part of the machine, with the operator's command the fleshing bench is closed and the leather enters the machine; in this phase the part of the tail is fleshed. The operator monitors the progress of the operation and at the appropriate time with a command starts the fleshing of the second half of the skin, the part of the neck. At this point, as the skin is fleshed, it comes out of the output belt in the front part of the fleshing machine with the grain facing upwards and the tail in front.
The machine is equipped with the following accessories:

Augers unit for the fleshy sludge transport - It is installed in front of the fleshing rollers and consists of two stainless steel hoppers containing two augers that rotate conveying the fleshy sludge into the hopper of the fleshings pump. It is a very reliable technology that, unlike traditional systems, does not use water to transport the fleshy sludges .

High efficiency pneumatic fleshing benches - The great dedication of our technicians has allowed us to develop and test new fleshing systems over the years. Since several years ago, the SP fleshing machines have been equipped with pneumatic fleshing benches thus ensuring excellent skin cleaning.

The following options are also available on request:

Risers for base - Risers in hot-dip galvanized steel are supplied upon request for the installation of the fleshing machine at a height of 1.2m. The risers include guards and a gate with safety microswitch for maintenance.

Maintenance platforms - Optional support to the work platform are supplied on request when the machine is raised from the ground to allow ordinary operations such as sharpening and greasing in complete safety.


Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico S.r.l.

Tanning Machines

Verona , Italia
Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico was born in a small workshop in San Giovanni Lupatoto in 1963.
The development of a continuous fleshing machine in 1977 led the company to have a leading role in the global market.
Tanning Machines


Tanning Machines