Italian Tech Days 2021

Italian Pavilion for Footwear and Leather Processing Machines

The Moulding machine mod.A/3E is a machine for the automatic moulding of the thermoplastic counters. Its high degree of electronic automation allows the operator to adjust the machine very fast and in full safety as the adjustments are made by touch-screen. The machine ensures a complete autonomy of work thanks to its system of control. It is also equipped by a system of memorization dates for an easier filing recipes work. The Moulding machine mod.A/3E by a control of three axis with brushless motors insert the counters always in the right way inside the mould giving a great precision to the product. The heating of thermoplastic counters by the temperature check pid of the lamps infrared, keeps the planned temperature giving to the counters an uniformity of production. The cooling of the mould is made by liquid antifreeze supplied by a very powerful refrigerator which is able to freeze the mould also with high production of counters. At the end the counters are grouped in a reorganiser group where by the quantity set by the computer the finished product is grouped. The silence, the safety and the energetic saving are the particolar characteristics of this machine.